The Collection

The museum is fortunate to have an extensive, nearly complete collection of recorded bluegrass music from the earliest days of bluegrass through the era of 33 rpm. Most labels and many artists send us a CD of every new release, thus ensuring their music’s place in the archive. Additionally, we acquired the massive Bill Vernon Collection from his estate, and have catalogued it for research purposes.

We have vintage instruments from legendary performers, performance attire, early recordings, photographs, concert and festival memorabilia from many legendary Pioneers of Bluegrass and Hall of Fame members.

We have been gifted with the excellent and extensive photograph collections of Ron Petronko, Les Leveritt, and Phil Zimmerman.

Our collection is growing almost daily. If you have an artifact you would like preserved by this museum, please give us a call: 270-926-7891. Ask for Carly Smith, Interim Director or RaShae Jennings, Curator.