Already Interviewed

Eddie Adcock

Martha Adcock

Herb Applin

Tatsuo Arita

Mike Auldridge

Homer Bailes

Kenny Baker

Delia Bell

Lloyd Bell

Gloria Belle

Byron Berline

Bill Bolick

Alvin Bressler

Andy Bressler

Bud Brewster

Willie G. Brewster

Fletcher Bright

Carlos Brock

Donnie Bryant

Slim Bryant

Dewel Bullington

Ola Belle Campbell Reed

Jimmy Case

Gene Christian

Edwin Church

Ralph Church

William Church

Cowboy Jack Clements

Bill Clifton

Jack Cooke

Jimmy Cox

Dan Crary

Noah Crase

J D Crowe

Hazel Dickens

Doug Dillard

Rodney Dillard

Ward Eller

Tony Ellis

Bill Emerson

Tom Ewing

Raymond Fairchild

Ernest Ferguson

Lester Flatt (by Lance LeRoy)

Benton Flippin

Billy Joe Foster

David Freeman

Bob French

Grace French

Connie Gately

Alice Gerrard

Pete Goble


Ray Goins

Bill Grant

Buck (Josh) Graves

Tom Gray

Lamar Grier

Dixie Hall

Kenny Hall

Tom T. Hall

Scott Hambly

Carlton Haney

Bill Harrell

Al Hawkes

Violet Hensley

Walter Hensley

John Hickman

Bobby Hicks

Aubrey Holt

Jerry Holt

Tom Holt

Russ Hooper

Lonnie Hoppers

Mitch Jayne

Ramona Jones

Vic Jordan

Bill Jorgenson

Bill Keith

George “Speedy” Krise

Peter V. Kuykendall

Katie Laur

Doyle Lawson

Lance LeRoy

Ralph Lewis

The Lewis Family

Bea Lilly

Everett Lilly

Tex Logan

The Lonesome Pine Fiddlers

Charlie Louvin

Bill Lowe

Alan “Mac” MacHale

Wade Macey

Wade and Julia Mainer

Rose Lee Maphis

Jimmy Martin

Mac Martin

Herb Mayfield

Jimmy Maynard

Jim McCall

Gerald McCormick

Haskel McCormick

Kelly McCormick

Lloyd McCormick

William McCormick

Del McCoury

Mac McGee

Hazel McGee

LeRoy “Mac” McNees

Curtis McPeake

Jesse McReynolds

James Monroe

Jim Montgomery

Van Montgomery

Bob Moore

Bonnie Lou Moore

Tom Morgan

Paul Mullins

Dewey Murphy

Fred Murphy

John Murphy

Bobby Osborne

Sonny Osborne

Hisashi Ozaki

Yasushi Ozaki

Carl Pagter

Ray Patterson

Ina Patterson

Herb Pederson

Jake Quesenberry

Jody Raborn

Jody Rainwater

Bud Reed

David Reed

Ola Belle Reed

Ralph Reed

Bill Reid

Neil Rosenberg

Leslie Sandy

Doc Tommy Scott

Earl & Gary Scruggs

Curly Seckler

Mike Seeger

Pete Seeger

Dayton Serber

Allen Shelton

Red Shipley

George Shuffler

John Shuffler

Jim Shumate

Dale Sledd

Johnny Small

Charlie Smith

Fred Smith

L C Smith

Mayne Smith

Roger Smith

Jim Smoak

Larry Sparks

Roger Sprung

Art Stamper

Ralph Stanley

Donna Stoneman

Patsy Stoneman

Roni Stoneman

Enoch Sullivan

Margie Sullivan

Clarence “Tater” Tate

Arnold Terry

Sam & Edie Thibideau Tidwell

Bill Thomas

Buck Trent

Roland E. “Smokey” Valliere

Lorene Vass

Russell Vass

Frank Wakefield

Henry “Butch” Waller

Drake Walsh

Doc Watson

Dean Webb

Buck White

Roland White

Doc Williams

Paul Williams

Vern Williams

Joe Wilson

Mac Wiseman

Lester Woodie

Johnny Wright

John Wynn

Bill Yates

The Rest of the Blue Grass Boys…


Trying to Locate

Gopher Addis

Wiley Birchfield

Evelyn Bryant

James Carson

Bill Carver

“Blind Boy” Jack Cassidy

Abner Cole

Ray Crisp

Amos Garven

William Gerald

Chuck Henderson

Page Hapler

Don Hoaglin

Jay Hughes

Paul Johnson

Jim Lunsford

Mac MaCarr

Ted Mullins

Harvey Raborn

Mary Reid

Fred Richardson

Larry Roll

Ray Russell

Blaine Stewart

Dee Stone

Smokey Ward

Audie Webster

Earl Webster


As one of its utmost priorities, this museum has set about discovering, honoring, and preserving the art of the musicians who make up Bluegrass Music’s Pioneering Generation — those who created and shaped the bluegrass genre and who took it to lands far and wide, eventually establishing audiences for bluegrass music all around the world. Alongside this priority is another equally important goal, that being to capture the histories and performance styles and gather the artifacts and collections that this museum can use to illustrate the lives and the art of these musicians for generations to come.

To accomplish these goals, this museum launched its Video Oral History Project in 2003. We have sent professional camera crews into the homes of musicians coast to coast, with expert interviewers eliciting the histories and stories of our bluegrass elders. See above for the impressive list of who all has been interviewed for this archive. These legendary musicians are whom we refer to as The Pioneers of Bluegrass Music. There are quite a few interviews still to do, so our work is far from over.

The museum is always looking for more stories, artifacts and recordings of bluegrass music’s first generation. It helps us put a face to each of these important names, as each had a significant impact on the development of bluegrass music. If you have a story to share, an artifact to donate to the museum, or if you would like to make a monetary contribution to the museum to help us complete this huge project, email Chris Joslin or call the museum at 270-926-7891.

Pioneers of Bluegrass

As part of the Video Oral History Project, extensive interviews have been filmed with many of the Pioneers of Bluegrass.

Please take a moment to scroll through the list below. We have listed the names of the musicians we’ve interviewed, as well as those that are on our To-Do List. Some we have not been able to locate (please call us if you have contact or status information on these artists), and sadly, many have passed on. If you have information on artists that we have not been able to locate, or if you know of artists who should be on this list, please call Chris Joslin at 270-926-7891.



Ed Amos

Frank Buchanan

Roy Clark

Glen Duncan

David Grisman

Chris Hillman

Doug Hutchens

Sonny James

Curtis Lee

Wayne Lewis

Don Maddox

Eleanor Parker

Herschel Sizemore

Chuck Stearman

Blake Williams


Chubby Anthony

Red Allen

Hobo Jack Adkins

Ray Duck Atkins

Johnny Bailes

Kyle Bailes

Walter Bailes

Charlie Bailey

Danny Bailey

Red Belcher

Earl Bolick

Claude Boone

Ora Bowers

Ray Brewster

Hylo Brown

Wayne Brown

Deacon Brumfield

Boudleaux Bryant

Buzz Busby

Carl Butler

Benny Cain

Valllie Cain

Alex Campbell

The Carter Family

Vassar Clements

Charlie Cline

Curly Ray Cline

Ezra Cline

Lee Cole

Chubby Collier

Stoney Cooper

Cleo Davis

Hubert Davis

Lynn Davis

Pee Wee Davis

Joe Drumright

John Duffey

Jim Eanes

Jack England

Floyd Ethridge

Tommy Faile

Howdy Forrester

George France

Cotton Galyean

Hank Garland

Smokey Graves

Shannon Grayson

Bill Hall

John Hall

Bill Haney

Chuck Haneyspan

Jay Haney

Dorsey Harvey

Smiley Hobbs

Junior Huskey

Smitty Irvin

Shot Jackson

Tommy Jackson

Benny Jarrell

Hoke Jenkins

Oren Jenkins

Snuffy Jenkins

Clyde Johnson

Enos Johnson

Hack Johnson

Bill Jones

Ralph Jones

Leslie Keith

Buddy Killen

Curley Lambert

Pee Wee Lambert

Babe Lofton

Ira Louvin

Ted Lundy

Rudy Lyle

Mac Magaha

Tommy Magness

J E Mainer

Benny Martin

Emory Martin

Grady Martin

Bessie Lee Mauldin

Edd Mayfield

Ralph Mayo

Don McHan

Jim McReynolds

Joe Meadows

Joe Medford

Sonny Miller

Bill Monroe

Birch Monroe

Charlie Monroe

Clyde Moody

Buster Moore

Charlie Moore

Ray Morgan

Lawrence Douglas Morris

Wylie Morris

Zeke Morris

Bill Napier

Syd Nathan

Ernie Newton

Molly O’Day

Don Owens

John Palmer

Jackie Phelps

Fred Pike

Pete Pike

Dale Potter

Joel Price

Paul Prince

Pete Pyle

Cedric Rainwater (Howard Watts)

Rebe & Rabe

Red Rector

Ola Belle Reed

Don Reno

Verlon Reno

Larry Richardson

Buck Ryan

Carl Sauceman

J P Sauceman

Shorty Shelton

Pappy Sherill

Benny Sims

Kentucky Slim

Red Smiley

Hal Smith

Happy Smith

Carter Stanley

Earnest Stoneman

Scotty Stoneman

Carl Story

Don Stover


Carl Striplling

Toby Stroud

Joe Stuart

Bobby Sumner

Marion Sumner

Earl Taylor

Floyd Taylor “Lightnin'” Chance

Red Taylor

Gordon Terry

Jack Thompson

Joe Val

Robert Van Winkle   “Little Robert”

Bill Vernon

Charlie Waller

Paul Warren

Johnny Whisnant

Clarence White

L E White

Cousin Wilbur (Westbrooks)

Benny Williams

Tex Willis

Chubby Wise

Art Wooten

Jack Youngblood

Joe Zinkan

Gopher Addis