Become a Sponsor / Member

This is the only bluegrass music museum in the world, and it is entrusted with preserving the international history of bluegrass music. To do this, and do it responsibly, we need your help. Please consider becoming a donor of either funds or artifact(s), or both, as both are needed. (Scroll down to see a description of funding choices.)

Any donation $45.00 and above will constitute a one year renewal of your membership, and will go into effect the date your previous membership would have expired. 

Why Your Donation is So Important Now

These are challenging times, yet times of great accomplishment at your Bluegrass Museum. Our facility and programs are  supported 33% by gifts from bluegrass-loving individuals. The remainder comes from generous donations from sponsors like yourself.

You make it possible for bluegrass music to be played  in every hallway, on every stage, at every opportunity, with energy and enthusiasm.

You can sponsor with a focus on General Operating Expenses:

General  operating expenses of the museum includes preserving the history, artifacts and collections of bluegrass music such as:

  • objects on display as well as in the vault
  • maintaining permanent exhibits and creating new ones
  • collection archives, catalogues & digital preservation
  • keeping the building in good repair
  • utilities
  • staff

Or you can focus your sponsorship on:


This museum’s flagship project.  We have completed 268 professionally videotaped interviews and concert performances by 1st and early 2nd generation bluegrass musicians all across the nation. We have others yet to do. This project has been aided greatly by the legendary musicians and expert interviewers who have donated their artistic creativity and deep bluegrass knowledge to this important project.


A bluegrass roots and branches festival, ROMP takes place annually the last weekend of June, featuring legends and stellar young musicians in concert, new exhibits, a film festival of films this museum has made, educational forums, and unforgettable performances.

Camping, dancing, original arts and crafts, organized children’s activities, on-site art, yoga, delicious healthy foods and nature trails at beautiful Yellow Creek Park–plus a full schedule of instrument, dance, and songwriting workshops–“set the stage” for exciting family fun and educational experiences at ROMP.