The Waltz to Westphalia


The Waltz to Westphalia


Musicians, their descendants, and other participants in the story colorfully relate the meandering evolution of the Westphalia Waltz, uncovering its emergence from a Polish-American past to a fiddle standard named for a tiny hamlet in south Texas. 60 minutes.

Produced and directed by Joe Weed

Featuring musical performances by:

Norton Buffalo, harmonica
David Grier, guitar
Rob Ickes, dobro
Arthur Kee, fiddle
Marti Kendall, Bass
Brian Marshall, fiddle
Todd Phillips, bass
John Lee Sanders, piano
Rik Siverson, cornet, alto horn,
alto sax and tuba
Joe Weed: guitar, fiddle, mandolin
Katie Weed, guitar, fiddle

...and many additional musicians from around the United States and Poland.

The Chapters:

1. The Blue Bonnet Music Company
2. Westphalia, Texas
3. Boom Time
4. Bremond, Texas
5. Pennsylvania
6. New England
7. Wisconsin
8. Lyrics and Names
9. Cotton Collins
10. Copyright
11. Summary
12. Credits and End Notes

Total playing time: 60 minutes

Written by Joe Weed and Martha Kendall
Art direction by Sandy Frye and Katie Weed
Filmed on location in Texas, Wisconsin, Illinois, Pennsylvania, and Massachussets
Audio edited, mixed and mastered by Joe Weed at Highland Studios, Los Gatos, CA

Produced by Joe Weed

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