The Dillards: A Night In The Ozarks


The Dillards: A Night In The Ozarks


Chapter List
1. Finding The Dillards
2. Banjo In The Hollow
3. There Is A Time
4. Old Home Place
5. The Whole World Round
6. Pop Dillard with Beverly and The Boys
7. Ebo Walker
8. Never See My Home Again
9. Reuben's Train
10. Liberty
11. The Biggest Whatever
12. Sitting On Top Of The World
13. Doug's Tune
14. Rainin' Here This Morning
15. I'll Fly Away
16. Credits/Intermission

Part 2: The Back Story
17. Talking With Rodney
18. Pre-Production
19. Getting Ready For Some Pickin' 
20. On The Way To The Salem Show
21. Rodney Recollects
22. Doug Recollects
23. Concert In Salem
24. Crew Comments
25. Mitch & Rodney Recollect
26. On The Road In Gold Hill
27. Supplementary Credits

DVD Extra: 
Directors Notes With John McEuen
Produced and Directed by John McEuen

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