Donate Artifacts & Collections – Receive Tax Benefit

All donations, whether monetary or in-kind, are tax deductible. (Note, however, the museum does not make appraisals of artifacts or collections. That is up to you to determine, however, upon request we can provide you with a letter of receipt that you can use for your tax returns.)

If you have items you think are of significant historic importance that may belong in a museum, please send an email to, Teresa Westfall: If you have collections that you think may or may not be of value but that you don’t want thrown away, good for you! The museum may very well need these items to complete our collection! Whatever we don’t need for our permanent collection, if you give us permission, we can use in the Resource Library we intend to build in the near future, or we can auction duplicated items to raise money for keeping the museum going for the long term.

Don’t think your prized possessions are only valuable to you! There is an excellent chance we need them. Thank you for saving them all these years!