Dixie and Tom T. Hall: A Homegrown Love Story

Dixie and Tom T. Hall: A Homegrown Love Story goes beyond the songs of Tom T. and Miss Dixie Hall to sing the story of their life and love for each other. From Dixie’s beginnings in England and Tom’s in Appalachia, we follow their adventure through rodeos, record labels, and festival romps. This homegrown love story will give you an intimate view of their lives and how their stories became the songs we know and love. Any fan of music, songwriting, romance, or a just a good story will find something to love.

Open now through June 2017


Celebrating 50 Years of Bluegrass Festivals

Bluegrass festivals throughout the world trace their history to an event held fifty years ago — September 3, 4, and 5, 1965 — at Cantrell’s Horse Farm outside the town of Fincastle, near Roanoke, Virginia. The pioneering multi-day event was conceived and presented by Bluegrass Hall of Fame member Carlton Haney, a legendary country music promoter and formerly a booking agent for Bill Monroe and manager of Reno and Smiley. The highlight of the festival was Sunday’s “Bluegrass Story,” in which Haney narrated the history of bluegrass with musical performances centered around Bill Monroe and important former members of the Blue Grass Boys. The festival also included performances by major bluegrass acts of the time, as well as instrument and band contests and workshops. The festival was staged again in Fincastle in 1966, and the model was soon adopted throughout North America.

Open now through January 2017


The museum presents several new exhibits annually in November and in June.  Openings coincide with the annual Members Night at the Museum in November and Opening Night of ROMP – the museum’s signature festival – in June.